Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fuzzy, Yet Dangerous

One of the softest toys a kid can get is a teddy bear. And most kids in the developed western world get one. It's interesting because teddy bears are painted as one of the kindest, most loving creatures around. Pooh bear anyone?

I remember the most precious gift I ever got as a kid: a teddy bear. It was given to me at a time when I was left at other people's places a lot - for days unend - without even knowing where my parents were at. I remember the bear like it was yesterday!

Black fuzzy cloth, yet bright yellow eyes. Oh the many tears he soaked from my eyes. The many secret wishes I whispered into his ears. Yeah, my only true friend: A fuzzy teddy bear!

In reality though, bears are ferocious. They leave you alone if they're fed and you leave them alone, but if they're hungry or you get close to their cubs, you might as well be dead meat.

As fuzzy as they might appear: Bears are dangerous. Not just male bears either. The female bears are twice as dangerous.